Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) & Information

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions for you to browse through.   Please feel free to have a look through any or all of the FAQ's.   Someone may have already asked a similar question to yours.

What should we do when my child arrives and departs the preschool?

To foster your child's growing independence, please allow him/her to unpack his/her own bag. Wait while he/she does this and then hand him/her over to a member of staff. It is important that we know your child has arrived. There is a 'sign on and off' book in the foyer area. It is very important that this is signed at the beginning and end of each day by whoever is responsible for delivering and collecting your child. At the end of the session we ask parents and carers to wait on the veranda or foyer until the door are opened. It is Preschool policy that authorisations for persons, other than parents, to collect a child from Preschool, be signed and kept on file in the Preschool office. You may of course have more than one authorised person, over the age of 18 years, collect your child. Please ask for further copies of this form.

For safety, children are asked to remain seated on the carpet area until they are collected. Please remember that children will not be allowed to leave the centre with anyone who has not been authorised by their parents or guardians to collect them. In order to do this, consent forms are distributed to families at enrolment time. These are available anytime if a change occurs.

Be sure to mention if your child has had an upset in routine or is stressed for any reason so we can best respond to any changes in behaviour. We do not need to know the details and staff confidentiality is assured. (Please feel free to read a copy of our Privacy Policy - ask a staff or committee member).

If your child has had an upset at Preschool during the session we will be sure to mention this to you when you arrive to collect him/her.

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What are the Session Times?

Our centre is licensed for children to attend only within the hours stated below. If you arrive early, please remain with your child until starting time. In case of unavoidable delay in collecting your child, please try and arrange for someone else to collect him/her or telephone the Preschool. If we have not heard from you 15 minutes after session time concludes, we will endeavour to contact the emergency contact person on your child's enrolment form. Staff will remain with children at Preschool until an authorised person collects them.

Session times are:
Monday: 8.45 am - 2.45 pm
Tuesday: 8.45 am - 2.45 pm
Wednesday: 8.45 am - 11.45 am
Thursday: 8.45 am - 2.45 pm
Friday: 8.45 am - 2.45 pm

It is best for all children to be at the Preschool when the session starts so that they will not miss out on any of the planned program for the day.

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What should my child wear?

Freedom to explore is important at Preschool. Children learn through exploring their environment and experimenting with materials.

Clothing which allows freedom of movement and can easily be laundered without worry about staining is most suitable.

Pants that are easily managed for toileting encourage independence and help avoid accidents.

Shoes that are comfortable, easy to put on and take off and safe for climbing are most suitable. Thongs can be dangerous when climbing and are best kept at home.

We have a Sun Protection Policy. A clearly marked shady hat, to protect the face and neck, is needed for protection outdoors. Legionnaire style is ideal. Sunscreen (purchased from the Cancer Council) is supplied at Preschool for you to apply on arrival if you have not applied it at home. You are welcome to bring your preferred sunscreen for your child if you wish.

Lapstone's programme is arranged so that children are outside in the morning and inside later when the sun is at it's most damaging.

The Preschool has appropriate sun hats for sale with the Preschool logo featured.

If your child forgets their hat, an appropriate hat will be provided for them to wear. We ask that you take it home, wash it and return it as soon as possible.

Many of the children's clothing and shoes are the same or similar. Clear labelling is needed to avoid confusion. Please ensure the insides of both shoes are labelled.

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What should my child bring?

All children will need:

Lunches may be stored in the Preschool refrigerator as regulated by the Department of Community Services. Please provide a standard sized lunchbox for ease of storage.

We love children to bring things for our science tables, material for our interest tables, junk for collage and sometimes special things to talk about at language time. However, we ask that children do not bring their own toys to play with. It is distressing when treasures are lost or broken. Just explain that Preschool has so many lovely toys, their toys can be kept at home where they are safe.

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What about illness or accidents?

The Centre is bound by Department of Health regulations. When children have an infectious disease, they must be excluded from Preschool, according to these regulations, unless a doctor's authorisation to return is provided.

New regulations from the Department of Health indicate exclusion of children who have not been immunised against an illness for the period of time the illness is present in the Preschool. The Preschool must have on file a copy of each child's record of immunisation. When new immunisations are given, please provide documentation so information is up to date.

Infectious diseases can spread quickly among young children. Some children are at particular risk from exposure. It is therefore very important that parents notify the Director immediately if their child is suspected of having an infectious disease. Parents will be informed if there has been a notified case of an infectious disease in the centre.

To minimise the spread of infection, it is important for children to be kept at home ...

If your child has been prescribed medication and is well enough to attend Preschool, the staff can administer medicines. Medicines should be handed directly to a staff member in the original container and an authorisation to administer the medication must be completed and signed. The Director should be informed of any medication or changes to medication, being taken by your child at home in case medical attention should be needed in an emergency and parents cannot be contacted.

In case of sudden illness or accident when your child is at Preschool, every effort will be made to contact you. If this is not possible and medical attention is necessary, for preference the child's own doctor will be contacted. In cases of extreme necessity, the child may be taken to a hospital accompanied by a member of staff.

Parents are welcome to read our Health and Safety Policy. Please ask a staff or committee member.

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I need to change my child's enrolment information. What should I do?

It is important that we can contact you in case of emergency. Any changes in personal and business addresses and telephone numbers should be notified to the Director immediately.

Some changes in personal circumstances can affect children's emotions, health and behaviour. Please inform the Director of any such changes in your family. This information will be treated confidentially.

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Are there any enrolment fees?

Yes. A bond of two weeks' fees in advance is payable at the time of interview to secure a position. Such monies will be deducted from Term 4 fees.

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Our circumstances have changed and I need to cancel
my child's space at Preschool. What happens now?

If families wish to cancel a child's Preschool space during the Preschool year, written notice of cancellation is required two weeks prior to the date of cessation. Please note that 6 weeks' notice is required if cancellation occurs in Term 4.

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My child has been/will be/is absent. Who do we notify?

Please notify the Director, if possible, of all absences. With children on our waiting lists, spaces cannot be held indefinitely. When children are absent for more than two weeks without notification (e.g holidays, family illness), the position may be cancelled at the discretion of the Director.

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How can I pay my childs school fees?

The Financial Officer will issue an account within the first two weeks of term. Payment can be made by cheque or money order to:

The Financial Officer
Lapstone Preschool
PO Box 51

Payments can also be made in person by Cash, Cheque, Money Order, EFTPOS and Credit Card. Direct Deposit can be done by 'Internet Banking' via your own banks' Web Site (if available.)
If paying by Direct Deposit, our account details are:
A/C No: 1005 2933
BSB No: 062 411
Bank: CBA
Branch: Blaxland.
For further information please contact the Financial Officer (Tues & Thurs). Please note we do not have 'on-line' payment facilities.

To assist in the financial management of the centre, fees are payable in full or by instalments on dates listed on the account. If payment of fees in this manner causes difficulties, please discuss this with the Director, Treasurer or Financial Officer. Arrangements may be made for payments by more frequent instalments or you may qualify for reduced fees subsidised by the Department of Community Services. Naturally, any such discussions are confidential. Fees are payable for all absences apart from public holidays and school holidays.

If fees are in arrears for two weeks without explanation to the Director, Treasurer or Financial Officer, the parents will receive a final notice. The Financial Officer will then make personal contact. The position may be cancelled if fees are not paid. Future enrolment will not be possible if fees are outstanding. (Our Fees Policy is available for your perusal).

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I've heard about 'Association Membership'. What is it?

The Lapstone Preschool Association is incorporated under rules that require payment of an annual membership fee ($1.10) by each family. Your application for membership form (two forms if two family members wish to become members), issued during your enrolment interview, should be returned to the centre as soon as possible and the fee will be added to your first term account. Financial membership entitles the parent or carer to vote at the Annual General Meeting, nominate for Committee and attend Committee meetings.

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How can parents get involved?

Parents and families are important teachers of their children. When this knowledge is combined with the knowledge and experience of staff trained in early childhood education, then the developmental needs of each child can be best met. Parent involvement in our program is therefore important. In addition, if a family member has a skill or an interest that they wish to share with the staff and children, their involvement is always welcomed within the program.

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How does the waiting list work?

Applications for enrolment are taken at any time, however, children need to have reached their 3rd birthday to be eligible for attendance at Preschool. Families may place a child's name on the waiting list by presenting a completed Application for Enrolment form and the booking fee. You will be given a receipt and the child's name will be placed on the waiting list at the date on the receipt. The booking fee is non-refundable. Younger siblings, placed on the waiting list, may not take the place of an older sibling who is placed higher on the list.

Please note that being on the waiting list does not guarantee a placement on any one year or any one session. Children are offered places as per date of application for enrolment.

The attendance rolls for the following Preschool year are finalised by the Director in Term 3.

As per our agreement with the Department of Community Services, priority may be given at the discretion of the Director to children with special needs, non-English speaking background, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Positions will be offered in order of date of application.

If a vacancy exists after the initial allocation of positions, it will be offered to the child at the top of the waiting list according to the guidelines for priority of enrolment. If the vacancy is not accepted, then it is offered to the next child. However, the former child retains his/her place at the top of the list. If the vacancy is accepted but attendance postponed, then fees must be paid from the date of acceptance.

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I have other questions and concerns. Who do I talk to?

If you have any questions or problems regarding your child, the Director or staff will be happy to speak with you at arrival or departure time or make an appointment for a longer discussion. Similarly, if you have any worries regarding the centre, please discuss them with the Director or the President. We would much prefer you to talk freely about your child's or your own worries when they arise and before they become big problems.

In recognition of complaints being a means of improving our service, Lapstone Preschool is pro-active in providing opportunities for clients to express dissatisfaction. On request, information is available re:

Lapstone Preschool has a Complaints Policy which is readily available.

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