About Us

Lapstone Preschool Kindergarten Assoc Inc was established over 50 years ago and is known throughout the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney region as a high-quality, specialist provider of children services, including preschool, early childhood intervention, school aged student services and developmental supports.

Lapstone is a community based not-for–profit organisation governed by our volunteer Board. Lapstone has a proud history of providing high quality early childhood education and care, early development programs as well as specialist early intervention services for children with developmental delay or disability and their families.

Lapstone Preschool is a community Preschool managed with support of our parent sub-committee. We employ qualified experienced staff who encourage and support each child in a journey of learning. Lapstone offers an ideal environment to enhance the creativity, knowledge, skills and self-esteem of children. Families and staff work in partnership to give each child the optimal experience.

Since 1985, Lapstone has supported children with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. Programs offer support to families when their initial concerns are raised about their child’s development, providing early at-risk identification of developmental delay or disorder, fostering clear links between the process of early identification, practical family support and benefiting outcomes for children, their families and those who support the family in the wider community. Our programs support families to promote the young child’s development, the capacity and well-being of families and those who care, and facilitate meaningful inclusion for the child in their natural environment.

As an NDIS Registered Provider, Lapstone also offers a range of NDIS services that are family-centred, evidence-based and flexible to meet needs, goals and aspirations of children and families.