Early Development Program

The Early Development Program (EDP) offers excellent, small group support for children with developmental delay or disability. The aim of the program is to support the inclusion of a child into regular early childhood setting and in the transition to school. (link to Transition to School, Stream 2). The program currently operates half day sessions at Lapstone Preschool. Each session caters for six children. Two qualified and experienced educators work with each family to provide an ideal learning environment for their child.

Children who attend EDP are offered intensive individual and small group programs in consultation with their families and other professionals involved with the child. Children who attend EDP may also attend Lapstone Preschool, other early childhood centres or not be enrolled in a centre.

The program is ideally situated for families in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas. EDP is licensed for children to attend from 3 years of age. Any child with a developmental delay or disability who requires extra support to attend an early childhood centre or school, may attend. You may enrol your child directly into the program or a child may be referred by a doctor, therapist or other professional. The EDP playroom and facilities offer easy access. Please be aware that there may be a wait list.

The program is planned, in consultation with the family, to best suit the individual needs of the children and their families.

When a child attends EDP, they have opportunities to:

  • access developmental assessments with written reports
  • receive referrals to other professionals if required
  • experience and develop skills in preschool activities and routines in a small group setting
  • participate in games and activities in which skills are broken down into small achievable steps
  • extend and generalise their new skills as the family, teachers and others work in close collaboration
  • experience inclusion in a larger group with opportunities to join the regular Lapstone Preschool program
  • gain support in their transition to appropriate placement at school
  • receive an individual plan

The family is recognised as being an essential component to each child’s development. The child’s individual program and educational resources are made available for use at home. The level of participation is a choice for individual families. Families with children in the EDP are assisted in networking with each other for peer support.

Places are offered at the end of each year, based on the date of lodgement of application. Priority is given to children eligible for school the following year, children with developmental delay or developmental disability or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and from children from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse background.

You are welcome to visit the Early Development Program at Lapstone Preschool and to collect an application form for enrolment, or click here to have an application form emailed to you. For more information, ring (02) 4739 2606.

Positions are offered at the end of each year and during the year if they become available, based on the date of lodgement of application. Priority is given to children eligible for school the following year, the child’s level of need, or access to other support.