The Lapstone Preschool Experience

Families and staff work in partnership to give your child the optimal preschool experience. The children are helped to develop strategies to interact happily and appropriately as members of a social group. They learn to respect and care for others and for their environment. The individuality of each child is acknowledged and respected.Child with teacher.

Children with developmental delay or developmental disability are supported in Lapstone Preschool through a range of services, facilitated by a highly skilled and experienced team of educators and allied health professionals. The preschool, playroom and facilities offer easy physical access for children with disabilities.

Lapstone Preschool activities: –

  • promote social, language, cognitive, fine motor and gross motor development
  • foster creative expression through art, language and music
  • allow each child to participate at his or her own level, while always encouraging the next level of learning
  • support individual learning styles and promote spontaneous learning
  • offer many opportunities for exploration and experimentation with a wide variety of materials. Creativity and independent thinking are encouraged
  • suit the individual needs of the children and their families

Families may be involved in various ways, including direct involvement in the program. Lapstone respects the central role of parents as decision-makers for their children’s education.

Available sessions

Your child may attend one of the three following sessions:

  • one day (Monday)
  • two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), and
  • two days (Thursday and Friday)

Preschool places are offered at the end of each year, based on the date of lodgement of application. Priority is given to children eligible for school the following year, children with developmental delay or developmental disability or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and from children from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse background.

You are welcome to visit the Preschool and collect an application form for enrolment, or click here to have an application form emailed to you. For more information, ring (02) 4739 2606.