Transdisciplinary and Therapy Services

Early Childhood Intervention is the process of providing specialised support and services for infants and young children with developmental delay or disability and their families in order to promote development, well-being and community participation. Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) support families and children with a disability or developmental delay from birth to 8 years of age. ECIS provides therapy and/or education, counselling, service planning and coordination, assistance and support access early childhood services.

The transdisciplinary approach involves a team of professionals who work collaboratively, and share the responsibilities of evaluating, planning and implementing services to children and their families. This professional team is made up of Early Childhood Educators, Family Support Workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists. Different disciplines provide different skills, knowledge, perspective and ideas. Transdisciplinary practice enables them to be shared, enhancing team members’ abilities. Team members then can draw on this experience and knowledge in their role as a Key Worker with families.

The Key Worker acts as the family’s key contact and brings a range of skills to best support the child and family.

Therapies for your child can be held in all the environments your child lives, learns and plays and your key worker can support you to learn new skills for your child’s continuing development. Your Key Worker may be qualified to conduct therapy or will liaise with other professionals to ensure that you child gets all services he or she needs to continue to develop, grow and thrive.